The Strong and Independent plant is an interface design exercise that aims to generate an autonomous mobile platform for plants that uses humidity, light and temperature sensors to monitor and react to the immediate environment in order to provide the best conditions for the plant to grow. 
The platform is constantly scanning, updating and mapping the water and sunshine needs of the plant and reacting accordingly by moving the plant to predefined water, sun and shelter stations. 
A video camera placed above and perpendicular to the floor uses the open-source computer vision framework reacTIVision to track and continuously triangulate the position and orientation of the plants and stations. 

A master controller gathers and processes the position, orientation and needs information and translates it into actions. The system is able to handle several plants at the time and with small tweaks, different and contrasting behaviors can be generated, plants can compete or collaborate and communicate to each other in order to fulfill their needs. 
The six-part custom 3D-printed enclosure is able to carry the plant while protecting the Arduino based electronic components of the device.
The strong and independent plant is the result of a quick advance interface exercised developed by Ana Arias, Mariela Fierro and Róger Zambrano for the Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media Master’s Degree program at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain.