The rapid prototyping technologies have advanced so much the last years that in only minutes we can develop and create products in our own homes.  What do we need to start manufacturing our own practical and functional products? 
In my opinion, the act of growing and assembling a product for yourself can create a strong emotional connection that cannot be easily replaced, if the product happens to be an everyday use personal product the connection will be much more solid. In this case, a pair of reading glasses.
The laser cut pinewood sobriety creates a particular visual and sensorial contrast when assembled with the accurately printed plastic parts.
“ReFrames”, designed to be assembled without the need for special tooling. All parts fit accurately between them including a pair of big pin hinges that allows the movement of the lateral supports of the eyewear. 
The interchangeable wooden parts are designed to enable the adjustment of the product size and formal configuration by combining the parts depending on the user.