I'm one of those people who is continually collecting tools and components for future (sometimes non-existing) projects. I'm also one of those people who likes to keep everything in a strict  and even frightening (to others) order.

I was looking for a design that could help me protecting and organizing electronic components and small tools. As I could not find something online to solve this problem for me, I decided to do something about it:
This system of interlocking and stackable modular boxes contains internal divisions of different sizes in order to organize a multitude of objects of different nature. Each level has a different internal distribution, on the top I added a lid and on the sides there are a series of hooks that click together and hold each level in position.
I used a 4mm plywood sheet to laser-cut every piece of the boxes, all three levels come out of a 80cm x 60cm sheet. If you want to make one for yourself just download the files here!