As part of an academic exercise for the Design and Communication Strategies Postgraduate Program we were commissioned -within two weeks- to conceptualize and develop a storytelling audiovisual product in a projection mapping format, this product would be projected on the walls of the ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona.
One of the most important characteristics of the briefing was that the product had to be contextualized in the Star Wars universe, more specifically using the character Obi-Wan Kenobi as protagonist and narrative epicenter of this story.
Our projection is a tribute to Obi-Wan Kenobi. He is the hero behind the heroes. Obi-wan guides, inspires and encourages the main characters in moments of doubt and need. For 120 seconds we take Star Wars fans through a trip between key points of the first six episodes of the series, highlighting the importance of the character and its vital influence on the heroes of the story. 
We took advantage of the geometry found in the building to integrate the architecture into the story. A series of graphic interactions give life to the building thanks to the manipulation of light-shadow and positive-negative space in the composition and illustrations that were generated by synthesizing and adapting key scenes of the famous movie series.
 Róger Zambrano, Diana Vera, Jade Young & Jorge Alvear 

Diana Vera

Jade Young

Jorge Alvear

Animation, Composing & Editing
Róger Zambrano