Simple - Magazine holder

The design of this magazine displayer occurs thanks to the formal study of the transitions between the volumes created by the magazines as a whole and how it relates to curve planes.
This neat magazine holder maintains a continuous line, so subtle that it is almost invisible when viewed from the front, displaying the most of the graphic content shown on the magazines.
“Simple” is manufactured by laminating 3 layers of Caribbean Pine, this material perfectly supports the pressure and heat of the lamination process and also looks clean and natural. 
Each sheet of Pine is laminated in different vein direction, improving strength and durability of the finished product.
After cutting, “Simple” is treated with a coat of sealer and matte lacquer, thus emphasizing the visual characteristics of this wood, aligned with the concept of formal and natural simplicity of the product.
Clean and elegant, almost burned laser engraved brand of the product on the exterior side of the laminated wood.